Ko je?
Ko je?


                                array(39) {
  string(25) " -"
  string(12) ""
  string(10) "AMAZON-IAD"
  string(15) "NET-3-224-0-0-1"
  string(25) "AT-88-Z (NET-3-128-0-0-1)"
  string(11) "Reallocated"
  string(16) "AS16509, AS14618"
  string(34) "Amazon Data Services NoVa (ADSN-1)"
  string(10) "2018-04-25"
  string(10) "2019-08-02"
  string(5) "https"
  string(25) "Amazon Data Services NoVa"
  string(6) "ADSN-1"
  string(24) "13200 Woodland Park Road"
  string(7) "Herndon"
  string(2) "VA"
  string(5) "20171"
  string(2) "US"
  string(143) "* Your contact details (phone and email) Without these we will be unable to identify the correct owner of the IP address at that point in time."
  string(11) "IPROU3-ARIN"
  string(10) "IP Routing"
  string(15) "+1-206-555-0000"
  string(26) "[email protected]"
  string(5) "https"
  string(9) "AEA8-ARIN"
  string(16) "Amazon EC2 Abuse"
  string(15) "+1-206-555-0000"
  string(19) "[email protected]"
  string(5) "https"
  string(10) "AANO1-ARIN"
  string(29) "Amazon AWS Network Operations"
  string(15) "+1-206-555-0000"
  string(27) "[email protected]"
  string(5) "https"
  string(10) "ANO24-ARIN"
  string(29) "Amazon EC2 Network Operations"
  string(15) "+1-206-555-0000"
  string(27) "amzn[email protected]"
  string(5) "https"